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Practice aptitude test online #SmartPrep

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Apart from self paced learning, one more thing you need to ensure your success is continuous improvement. But, how should you measure your improvement? Use online websites, which provide systematic tests and record monitoring.

Unfortunately, there is no such site available which is dedicated for HPAS. But, for reasoning and aptitude, you can use the testbook.

About Testbook

In recent times, education services have gone online and reached a wider audience. While end-to-end educational services such as video lectures, virtual training and online tests have been available on desktop sites for quite sometime, they are now gaining traction in the mobile app ecosystem as well.

Testbook was started in January 2014 by IIT Bombay and Delhi alumni with the short term goal of helping students crack the GATE exam through mock and live tests. Their long-term vision was to create a platform for all the major exams in the country.

Within a month of their launch in January 2014, Testbook was able to reach 13,000 students through their platform. The core team consists of Ashutosh Kumar, Narendra Agrawal, Manoj Munna and Praveen Agrawal, IIT Bombay alumni, and Yadvendar Champawat and Abhishek Sagar, IIT Delhi alumni.

Ashutosh functions as the CEO and has been in the education sector for the last seven years and had founded another education startup before Testbook. Narendra is the CMO and had earlier founded a couple of startups in the education and mobile sector. Yadvendar is the technology head at Testbook and had previously worked at Oracle.

Abhishek heads their Android development section and has prior work experience at Adobe. Manoj had earlier co-founded a merchandise startup and is now the product head at Testbook. Praveen who had previously worked at Deloitte heads their content team.

In October 2014, they expanded their services to other verticals and exams such as CAT, SBI PO, SBI CLERK, and IBPS PO, and have included GK, current affairs, and aptitude, on their platform and reached 55,000 registered users. At this stage,Testbook raised 1.5 crores from LetsVenture and Ah Ventures, along with a few external angel investors. The round was led by Utsav Somani and MD of Carlyle Group, Shankar Narayanan along with other investment bankers, education professionals, mobile experts and entrepreneurs.

Testbook provides free tailored mock tests for users, with upgradable plans for their live tests for different exams.. Through the platform, users can solve questions, check answers and explanations, and get access to analytics to track their performance and improve on their weak points. They also provide subject and chapter-wise modules, bookmarking ability and exam notification updates from IBPS.

In late June 2015, they crossed another milestone of 2.1 lakh registered users. In addition, 1.37 crore questions have been answered on their platform so far, which is about 65 questions per user. They currently have a team size of 60, with sub teams focussing on content, mobile, and web development.

Original article: http://yourstory.com/2015/07/testbook-growth-story/

Website : http://testbook.com/aptitude

Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.testbook.tbapp


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