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Computer General Knowledge-2 – HPExams.in
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Computer General Knowledge-2

  • What is the Full form of ‘http’?- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  • ‘NET’ is a ………… technology- Microsoft
  • How many number of home pages of web site can contain?- 1
  • Among Memory Management, Input/Output Management, Job Scheduling, Database Management which one is not the function of an OS ?- Database Management
  • Among Microsoft Windows, Unix/Linux, Android, Oracle which one is not an OS?- Oracle
  • Among Google, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Excel, HP which one is a web browser- Internet Explorer
  • System software is an interface between Hardware and Software Application
  • Among Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows XP which one is not a Microsoft Windows version? – Microsoft Windows 6
  • Which one is the keyboard shortcut for undo the last operation performed in Microsoft Office- Ctrl+z
  • There are ……… reserve words C- 32
  • Among +, -, %, ‘#’ which one is not an arithmetic operator in C- #
  • Any statement in C language that starts with the character # is called a- Pre-processor statement
  • The Full Form of RAM is- Random Access Memory
  • The speed of operations of cache memory used in computers is slower than that of ………. – Registers in CPU
  • While entering a formula in a cell in MS Excel. The entry must begin with ….. operator?- =
  • A compiler is ………- A software utility that translates a program written in high level language into machine language
  • A byte consists of ………- 8 bits
  • The term Giga Byte refers to …………-1024 mega bytes
  • The full form of BCD is ……….- Binary- Coded Decimal
  • Instructions and memory addresses in the RAM of a computer are stored using.- Binary digits
  • A computer on Internet is uniquely identified by- IP Address
  • On the Internet moving from one web site to another is known as …..- Browsing
  • In Internet terminology IP means- Internet Protocol
  • The output printed by a computer through a printer the paper is called- Hard Copy
  • Arrange in ascending order the units of memory TB,KB, GB,MB- TB-GB-MB-KB
  • Which are the components of Central Processing – Arithmetic Logic Unit, Unit, Control Unit and Primary / Main Memory
  • What is the full form of URL- Uniform Resource Locator
  • Documents, Movies, Images and Photographs etc. are stored in…- File Server
  • The full form of GUI in reference to computers is – Graphical User Interface
  • Which are the operations that are performed on RAM – Read and Write both
  • Which one is the outcome of data processing? – Information
  • DNS in Internet technology stands for- Domain Name System
  • Among Control, Output, Understand, Input which operation is not performed by a computer – Understand
  • The folders in an operating system are based on…. structure- Inverted Tree
  • Which alignment will apply by default when some text is entered in a cell in a worksheet of Microsoft Excel?- Left
  • Which addressing mode can be used for writing – Relative, Absolute formulas in a cell in a worksheet in Microsoft Excel- Mixed
  • What is a hyperlink?- It is used to link web pages.
  • Which is not a component in multimedia?- Pendrive
  • Which one is not true for Microsoft Powerpoint presentation- The transition speed for the slides cannot be adjusted before running the slide show.
  • The full form of SQL is- Structured Query Language
  • An attribute in a table is a foreign key if the ……..key from another table is used as an attribute in that table.- Primary
  • Which attribute can be used as a primary key?- Adhaar Card Number
  • Under what condition, the subset of super key is a candidate key- No proper subset is a super key
  • Create table employee(name varchar, id integer). What type of statement is this- DDL
  • Which device can be used to connect a computer to the Internet through a telephone line?- Modem
  • Among Hard Disk Drive, Floppy Disk Drive, Magnetic tape, Pen drive which one does not work on the magnetization?- Pen Drive
  • Which one is not a key on the Keyboard of a normal PC?- Sys
  • Internet is an example of- Wide Area Network
  • IPR stands for ………- Intellectual Property Rights

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