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CURRENT AFFAIRS 1 november 2020 to 7 november 2020

(1)India’s first e-resource centre or nyay kaushal is established at





(2)•First phase of india ‘s malabar naval exercise with australia, U.S, and Japan is held at





(3)According to Public affair index 2020 ,which large state is best governed state? •(1)Kerala


•(3)West bengal •



(4)•Which state become first to officially reject center farm law?





(5)Which UT is best governed according to Public index report 2020



(3)Andaman and nicobar



(7)Priyanca Radhakrishnan become first ever indian origin minister of which country





(8) According to public affairs index which state among large state becomes worst governed state





(9) Which national park have women nature guide for the first time in its history

    (1)Manas national park

    (2)Kajiranga national park

    (3)Panna national park

    (4)Corbett national park

(10)Earth observation satellite on nov 7 was launched by





11)PINAKA rocket was developed by





(12)CARAT 2020 Is joint naval exercise between

(1)india, Bangladesh, Pakistan

(2)U.S., India, Bangladesh

(3)U.S, Japan, Bangladesh

(4)Bangladesh, India, Japan

(13)Recently typhoon goni hit





(14) 8th round of corps commander level talk to resolve india and china standoff took place at





(15) Recently which state government clear bill on right to recall panchayat member •1)PUNJAB




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