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India ‘s first moss garden is created in uttrakhand ‘s

Nainital distt.

Its main objective is to conserve species of mosses and other bryophytes so that people can become aware of its significance.

Moss garden houses 30 species of mosses .2 species out of it are endangered species under IUCN RED LIST.

Watch video india ‘s first moss garden

This was approved in july under CAMPA scheme . CAMPA is compensatory afforestation fund management and planning authority .

Research advisory committee of Uttrakhand forest department has approved this project.

In this garden interpretation centre is made.In this center various aspects of mosses are displayed through models.

why moss are so significant?

This centre also have first world war painting.During first world war injured soldiers’s dressing was done by sphaganum moss.

Because it is 3 times more absorbant than cotton and and is softer cooler.

It also have antiseptic properties .It also produce sterile environment by keeping ph low around wounds,thus it inhibit growth of bacteria.

It also have dinosaur model. Dinosaur model depict its existence since jurassic era.

Japan people have craze for mosses and use it in ornaments.

Mosses can also be used as pollution indicator.As they take most nutrients from air and rain water.when their is change in quality of air mosses also show change. They change their shape or disappear.

They are pioneering species.Mosses erode rocks and and form soil.This create environment for other species to grow.

It also have moss terrarium where live moss ecosystem is made. Also nest of birds using moss for temperature regulation and antibacterial purposes.

Who inaugurated moss garden?

It is inaugurated by magasaysay award winner Rajendra singh.

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