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Author: Sushil Dogra

Medieval History of Himachal Pradesh (Mughal and Chamba-Sirmaur)

Mughals and Chamba— In History there is no mention that Chamba was ever invaded by Muslims before 16th century. However Chamba became tributary to the Mughal Empire after the capture of Kangra Fort. Pratap Singh Varman was a contemporary of Emperor Akbar and in his reign the whole of Hill States including Chamba became tributary…
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Medieval History of Himachal Pradesh (Mughal)

In 1525 AD Babur had established his outpost in Lahore from where he came to Delhi. Babur captured Daulat Khan, Governor of Punjab in a forest near Kangra. Mughal Dynasty was started by Babur in 1526 AD. He killed Ibrahim Lodhi in 1st Battle of Panipat(1526). He died in 1530 AD and he was succeeded…
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B. Ed Entrance Question Paper

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Hill State and Central Authority

During 8th to 16th century Rajput migrants founded many states in Himachal Pradesh. Central authority came into contact with these principalities from 11th century to British empire in India. Turkish invasion—- About A.D. 980, Kabul was captured by Turkish and last hurdle against Mohammedans (Turks) was broken down. Mahmud Ghzanavi succeeded his father in 997…
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Himalayan Republic states during 3rd and 4th century AD

These republican states which flourished upto Gupta period of Indian history, disappeared in the 4th century A. D. For this, perhaps the Imperial Guptas were mainly responsible. The Persian, the Greeks, Kushans from Central Asia over ran Northern India. In 327 B.C. Alexander from Macedonia crossed the Afghanistan and advanced as far as river Beas…
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