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Ancient Himachal History– Important Questions

1. Ancient History Sources—
Historical evidences found in various places of Himachal Pradesh point to which era of mankind settled here?
Who was the first to discover the Quartzite
implements in the Shivalik foothills near
Nalagarh in 1951 A.D.?
Olaf Prufer
Who was associated with the excavations
made in Kangra district at Dehra and Guler in A.D 1955?
B.B. Lal
The evidence found at various places in
Himachal Pradesh show the existence of human race since:                                                                                     The earliest of Human Evolution. 
Human fossils indicating life have been recovered from following areas
in H.P.
Haritlayangar and Shivalik valley
When were the earliest identifiable remains of humans found?
In 1955
In which year were stone weapons discovered?
In 1955, by B.B. Lal and G.C. Mahapatra
Inscriptions of which period have been found near Pathiyar at some distance from a place called Kunihara in Kangra district?
Mauryan period
Which is the oldest among the epigraphs engraved on the idols?
Of the idol of Lakhnadevi (Lakshadevi) of Bharmour
From which place in Himachal Pradesh have the bulls and bullock carts been made of mud found?
Near Chidgaon in Rohdu in Shimla district
Sohan Valley, which was famous for excavated 40 thousand years old tools, where is it located now?
in Pakistan
In which script ancient inscription in Himachal Pradesh not engraved?
The coins of Kanishka (the Kushan ruler)
have been found in
Kalka-Kasauli road and Kanihara in Kangra
Earlier inhabitants in the Himalayan foothills were
Which was the primitive caste that defeated the Kirats and Nagas of Himachal?
By which route did the Khasas enter Himachal Pradesh?
From Kashmir (Kashgiri)
Who were residents of Shivalik valleys in pre-Vedic period?
By what name did the Aryans call the original inhabitants of the mountainous region (Shivalik) of Himachal Pradesh?
Dasas, Dasyus and Nishadas
In the pre-Vedic period Shivalik hills were
inhabited by:
From which festival does the victory of the Khasas over the Naga caste revel ?
Bhunda festival
Bhunda festivals related to which sage?
Who was not the chief of the Dasas, fought against Aryans?
By which name resident of Himachal Pradesh was known during Vedic period?
Dasas, Dasyu and Nishad
Which symbol was found on the coins of Audumbra rulers?
How many lines are there in the Bharmour copper-sheet article of Yugakar Varman?
‘Stone article’ near ‘Loh Tikri’ Churah is related to the reign of which King?
Jasata Varman
The stone articles found at two places in ‘Divi Kothi’ and the ‘Sayu Naal’, is related to the reign of which King?
Lalit Varman
Many temples and rock articles of Chamba provide information about the reign of which King?
In the 20th century, coins of Kulindas have
been found in
Ambala and Saharanpur
Audumbaras coins made of copper and
silver were issued by the name of
King and Community

2. Ancient History—

Which ancient text gives the first information about ancient Himachal?
Who was the Chief Counsellor of the Aryan
king Divodas?
Rishi Bhardwaj
Which group of six republics is described in Mahabharata and other books?
Which war is known in ancient history as the battle of 10 Aryan kings?
Dasarajna (Battle of Ten Kings)
Which Arya king started the campaign to conquer Himachal Pradesh between 3000 BC and 2500 BC?
In which scripture the war of Divodas and Shambar is the mentioned?
Who was the most famous Vedic Aryan king of Himachal Pradesh?
According to which scripture, the non-Aryan tribes like Kol, Kirat, Yaksha and Nag inhabited Himachal Pradesh before the Aryans?
Who lost the war between ancient Aryan King Divodas and Shambar that lasted for 40 years?
Who played a great role in reconciliation
between ‘Dasas’and Aryans’?
Rishi Vishwamitra and Rishi Vashishta
In which scripture 40-year war between Kirat Raja and Arya Raja is mentioned?
In the Rigveda
What is the meaning of ‘Dasarajna’ mentioned in the Rigveda?
fierce battle between between Sudas and ten kings
In which Hindu scripture is the battle of ten Aryan kings described?
Which sage had supported Sudas?
Sage vashistha
Which sage would have guided the kings of the ten Janpadas?
Rishi Vishwamitra
Where was the Dasharajna war take place?
On the banks of the Parushni River
Which king won the battle of ten kings mentioned in the Rigveda?
How long did war between Divodas and Shambar mentioned in Rigveda last?
40 years
Which Arya king has many times war with the state’s non-Aryan king Shambar ?
Kirata king Shambhar used to rule around rivers-
Vipasha (Vyas), Shatadru (Satluj) and Purushani (Ravi)
Which republic did Divodas rule?
Which mythical king had its capital Sarahan?
How many forts did Dasyuraj Shambar had?
99 forts
Who was the powerful king of Kiratas in the
lower Shivaliks, fought against the Divodas, the Aryan king?
Which Kirat king fought with the invading Arya king Divodas between 3000 and 2500 BC?
Who was their army chief in a 40-year war between the Aryans and the tenants mentioned in the Rigveda?
Kirat Raja Shambar and Arya Raja Divodas
Where was the 40 years war between Kirata King Shambar and Aryan King Divodas took place?
Who supported the Kirata King Shambra in
the Kirata Aryan war?
The earliest inhabitants of Himachal
Pradesh, which find mention in the Rig Veda, today represented by
Kolis, Halis and Doms
The second wave which entered Himachal
Pradesh in 3rd Millennium B.C. are identified with-
Bhotas and Kiratas
Panini mentioned Trigarta as Ayudhyajivi
Sangh, a confederation of six states, known as Trigarta Shashthas. What does Ayudhyagivi mean?
Martial race (War earner)
Who was the Kulinda King in the Shivalik
hills, during the later half of the first century B.C.?
In which century did the Kulind Republic of Himachal flourish?
2nd century BC
Who was supposed to be the first king of the Kinner? (Grandson of Lord Krishna)?
In which of the following books Kalidas has
made reference about ‘Kinners’?
Kaurava-side fighter in the war of Mahabharata King Susharma is considered the founder of an important dynasty of Himachal Pradesh. By what name is that dynasty is recognized?
Which King of Kangra participated in the war of Mahabharata on behalf of the Kauravas?
Which was the oldest princely state of Himachal Pradesh?
Who founded Trigata in the 13th century
The original seat of Susharma’s family was
Trigarta in the modern period denotes to
In the great Mahabharta war Susharma
Chandra was an ally of
The Kaurvas
Who founded the modern Kullu state?
There is reference about Kuluta in Ramayan, Mahabharta and Vishnu Purana, referred now as
Kullu Valley
Which of the following was the second
oldest princely state of Himachal Pradesh?
Which tribe was not found in Himachal Pradesh in the early era?
Which tribe of Himalayas started the names “Kashgar” and “Kashmir”?
Which tribe is found in modern Himachal Pradesh?
Khampat, Kinnaura, Jad, Swangla
In which area the Pandavas probably spent 12 years of exile?
At which place are the coins belonging to the Audumbara caste not found?
Which Buddhist scholar has described Audumbara?
Rahun (a class of princely states) were ruled by
The earliest capital of the Kuluta state was
Who built the fort of Nagarkot in the ancient period ?
What does Trigarta mean?
The place which is surrounded by three rivers i.e. Ravi, Beas and Sutlej.
How many ganas were there under the Trigarta Gansangha (confederacy) of Himachal?
6 (Kaundoparth, Dandki, Krushtaki, Jalmani, Brahmagupta and Janaki)
Which republic of the Panini period was a governed territory of the present Mahasu, Shimla and Nalagarh states?
Kulind (Kunind)
In the Mahabharata period, Bhima married which girl of the demon caste, who was later worshiped as the Kulu kingdom Kul Devi?
Goddess Hidimba
Himachal Pradesh was divided into two parts during the Panini period (300 BC), one of them was called Trigartha Jana Sangh and what was other Gana Sangh called?
Kunind ganasangh
According to the Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang, who ruled Kullu in the year 500?
Vihangamani Pal
Which city of Punjab was known as Trigarta in ancient times?
Trigarta was divided into two, one is Nagarkot and the other?
During this period, small tribal states in existence were known as
Republic and Kingdom
According to Markandeya Purana and Matsaya Purana, Trigarta was a
Mountain tribe
Aryan republics, which flourished in the hills, were known as
Ganarajya and Gana
According to Mahabharata and Panini (5th century B.C.), the important republics (Janpadas) in Himachal areas were
Trigarta, Audambara, Kuluta and Kulinda
According to Mahabharata, the first most famous Aryan republic in the hills was
Trigarta Gana
Mention of Kulut has been found in
Vishnu Purana
The greatest leader of the Audumabra republie was
According to Puranic texts, various kings of Nagas were
Vasuki, Kali and Takshak
Demon Jallandhar finds a mention in Padam Purana of Mahabharata.
He was killed by
Whose pictures were found on the coins of Audumbars?
Of trident and bull
At which place are such idols inscribed on the rocks that it proves that the tribal Kol caste people settled in Himachal Pradesh?
From the rocks of Kumaon’s Chandeshwar, Someshwar and Chhatis
In which year did the years old ‘Mami’ get from Tabo village?
In 1967
Which insulting name did the Vedic Aryans call the inhabitants of North India?
The Kulind people lived near the Shalda River in Himachal. In which ancient book is this thing mentioned?
Which weapon was used in wars between ancient states in Himachal?
Sword, spear, arrow command
Where was Sri Krishna’s grandson Anirudh’s love marriage with Usha held?
Where was the capital of Chamba kingdom located in ancient times?
When was the ancient Kullu kingdom in Himachal established by Vihangam Manipal?
In 500 AD
Who was the founder of Trigarta-Kangra in Himachal?
What was the capital of Trigarta?
Which ruler was born in the 234th generation of Bhumichand, who supported the Kauravas during the Mahabharata?
By what name was the Greek historian Ptolemy addressed Trigart?
Which republic is mentioned in ‘Ashtadhyayi’ of Panini and Mahabharata?
Khasas Republic
Who traveled to the republics of Trigarta, Kulut and Kulind before the Rajasuya Yajna?
Whom did the gold vessel present during the Rajsuya Yagna by Khas, Ekasan, Parod and Kulind?
To Yudhishthira
Whose descendant of Kaushik gotra Audumbar are considered?                                                          Vishwamitra
Who defeated Mihirkul (Hun), who was called “Attila of India” in 520 AD, after which he escaped and became the king of Kashmir by deceit?
Gujjars are related to
The word Thakur is the word of Yuv-Che-Tokhari clan who originally hailed from?
Aral Sagar
How many miles did Kullu circle according to Hieun Tsang?
75 miles
Which sage killed king Janmatapi?
Sage vashistha
The old name of the Kangra city is?
Whose son was Ghatotkacha?
Bhima and Hidimba
According to Mahabharata, Kangra formed from Kangarh on the basis of severed ears of which monster?
Jalandhar monster
What is the name of a scholar who considers Jalandhar killed by Vishnu as the Shambar demon of Vedic period?
Rahul Sankrityayan
Founder of Puru Rajya-
By what name do the regions of the Kulidas call the Kalindi emanating from the Kalind mountain?
Yamuna River
Gadbika district
Belongs to Chamba
What was the name of the ruler of Kullu, from whose fame Vasundhara came to be called Prithvi?

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