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Extension of dates for online submission of application form by NTA

  National Testing Agency has extended the date of submission of online application form for various examinations including NET…

HPU Admission notice 2020-21 (for entrance test based courses)

Online application forms for the subjects/courses as mentioned in the notification at Sr No. 1 to 4 for the entrance test are invited from the eligible candidates upto 30 May 2020. Online forms are available in HP University site www.hpuniv.ac.in.    

Learning from rejection #Jia Jiang

People fear rejection but this talk will tell you how one can learn from rejection. Rejection is nothing but a temporary roadblock. All you need to do is to take it as a positive experience and try again harder. [ted id=2638]

The happy secret to better work #Shawn Achor

We believe we should work hard in order to be happy, but could we be thinking about things backwards? But, can one do better work if he is happy? Listen to this very inspiring & funny talk.  

Practice aptitude test online #SmartPrep

Hey buddy, Apart from self paced learning, one more thing you need to ensure your success is continuous improvement. But, how should you measure your improvement? Use online websites, which provide systematic tests and record monitoring. Unfortunately, there is no such site available which is dedicated for HPAS. But, for reasoning and aptitude, you can…
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