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TGT Medical 2016 Question Paper

Ques:- Which country has won the Asia Kabaddi Championship Cup 2016 ?

Ans:- Pakistan

Ques:- The minimum age to contest Lok Sabha Election is ………….years.

Ans:- 25

Ques:- Under Article………….the President of India can proclaim emergency.

Ans:- 352

Ques:- The Rajya Sabha can have maximum strength of…………..Members.

Ans:- 250

Ques:- There are………….non-permanent members of the security council of united Nations.

Ans:- 10

Ques:- Name the Hindi films actor whose actual name is Yousuf Khan ?

Ans:- Dilip Kumar

Ques:- In whose control, Income Tax Department works.

Ans:- Central Board of Direct Taxes.

Ques:- Fiscal policy means, governments.

Ans:- Revenue and expenditure policy.

Ques:- The strength of Lok Sabha member of Himachal Pradesh is……………………

Ans:- 4

Ques:- Mohan Micin Bruary is located in which district.

Ans:- Solan hpexams.in

Ques:- The name Baba Bhalku is associated with…………..

Ans:- Survey of Shimla Railway.

Ques:- What is the meaning of losar festival.

Ans:- Arrival of the new year festival.

Ques:- Give the name of that powerful Kirat’s king who fought the battle against the Arya’s king who fought the battle the battle against the Arya’s king Divodas.

Ans:- Shambar

Ques:- Between whom did the famous Sangoli ki Sandhi of year 1815, happened ?

Ans:- Between Britishers and Gorakha leader Amar Singh Thapa

Ques:- Malana named place which is famous as The World’s oldest Democracy is situated in which district.

Ans:- Kullu

Ques:- Famous Bhimkali temple is located in……………

Ans:- Sarahan, district Shimala

Ques:- Who wrote the famous book Himalayan Districts of Kullu/Lahaul Singh

Ans:- A.F.P. Harcort

Ques:- In 1960, Chinni named acquisition Tahasil was perplexed in the form of…………..district of Himachal Pradeh.

Ans:- Kinnaur

Ques:- Among Sunni, Thiyog, Karsog, Kumarsen which acquisition is not located in Shimla district.

Ans:- Karsog.

Ques:- Gumma and drang are famous mines associated with…………..

Ans:- Rock Salt

Ques:- In which district, the famous Mahakali and Lama lakes are situated.

Ans:- Chamba

Ques:- The river Yamuna passes through which district of Himachal Pradesh.

Ans:- Sirmaur

Ques:- Among Martian, Manhunt, Train, Miniature Select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word-HUMANITARIAN .


Ques:- Select the odd one out-joy Fear, Honest, Anger

Ans:- Honest

Ques:- Complete the series:- ZY1,AB3,XW5,CD7,……………..?

Ans:- VU9

Ques:- The first nATIONAL Policy on Education 1968, called for fulfilling compulsory education for all the children upto the age of………

Ans:- 14

Ques:- Indra Gandhi National Open University was established in the year.

Ans:- 1985

Ques:- Human Consciousness according to Charvaka Philosophy is………….

Ans:- Combination of five elements

Ques;- The educator who advanced the idea of the five formal steps in learning was………….

Ans:- Herbart

Ques:- The individual develops through the head, the heart and the hand. This was the educational philosophy of………………

Ans:- Pestalozzi hpexams.in

Ques:- When the majority of pupils in science class are poor in readind the teacher should.

Ans:- Plan many hands-on activities.

Ques:- The study of Philosophy is concerned with

Ans:- Values and ideals

Ques:- To study pupil inter relationship, most useful method is

Ans:- Sociogram

Ques:- Disability refers to

Ans:- Loss or reduction of functional activity resulting from impairment

Ques:- The most significant approach of evaluation is

Ans:- Continuous and comprehensive evaluation.

Ques:- ………………….was the first Union Education Minister of India.

Ans:- Abul Kalam Azad

Ques:- Which is more relevant for developing teaching skills.

Ans:- Training technology.

Ques:- Which is not essential for connecting to the internet ?

Ans:- A television.

Ques:- Which is not a phase of microteaching ?

Ans:- Teaching phase

Ques:- FIACS is also known as

Ans:- Category system

Ques:- Extrinsic programming was introduced by

Ans:- N.A. Crowder

Ques:- Scrambled programmes refers to

Ans:- Extrinsic programme

Ques:- ………………..Education Commission Report as Magna Carta of Indian Education ?

Ans:- Wood’s dispatch

Ques:- Teacher’s role in project Method is of

Ans:- Guiding students

Ques:- During British rule in India, who played the most significant role in making English language as medium of instruction ?

Ans:- Lord Macaulay

Ques:- Who introduced three-language formula /

Ans:- Radhakrishnan commission

Ques:- The theory of Heredity as –Heredity does not go to immediate parents but to remote ancestors was given by –

Ans:- Galton

Ques:- When was group factor theory by thurstone at the university of Chicago developed ?

Ans:- 1936

Ques:- Primary law of learning are………….in number

Ans:- Three

Ques:- Which is the master emotion ?

Ans:- Fear

Ques:- The national review committee has given the recommendations for.

Ans:- Making vocationalization of education successful

Ques:- In which year-A pilot project correspondence Education was started by Delhi university ?

Ans:- 1962-1963

Ques:- From which language does the term curriculum orginate.

Ans:- Latin

Ques:- The pramana of veda and other ancient scriptures according to vedanta is known as

Ans:- Sruti

Ques:- Who was pioneer in establishing the university at Pondicherry /

Ans:- Sri Aurobindo

Ques:- Petiole crack is due to deficiency of element

Ans:- Boron, Zinc

Ques:- Photorespiration in C3 Plants start from

Ans:- Phosphoglycolate

Ques:-For its activity, carboxypeptidase requires,

Ans:- Zinc hpexams.in

Ques:- Which plant part can respire even in the absence of oxygen

Ans:- Seeds

Ques:- Coconut milk factor is

Ans:- Cytokinin

Ques:- Vernalization stimulates flowering in

Ans:- Carrot

Ques:- Acid concentration in CAM plant is more at

Ans;- Night

Ques;- Which light range is most effective in photosynthesis

Ans:- Red

Ques:- Water rearchs the top of the plant due to

Ans:- Transpiration

Ques:- CAM help the plant in

Ans;- Conserving water

Ques:- A bicollateral vascular bundle has the following arrangement of tissues.

Ans:- Outer phloem-Inner Cambium – Inner Phloem.

Ques:- Which one is primary consumer

Ans:- Herbivore

Ques:- Plant species having a wide range of genetical distribution evolve into a local population known as

Ans:- Ecotype

Ques:- When dominant and recessive allete express alleles itself togather it is known as

Ans:- Co-dominance

Ques:- A dihybrid ratio is

Ans:- 9:3;3:1

Ques:- Which one is a gaseous harmone

Ans:- Ethylene

Ques:- Pollinia are present in family

Ans;- Asclepediaceae

Ques:- Lycopersicum esculentum is the botanical name of

Ans:- Tomato

Ques:- Rhizophores are found in

Ans:- Selaginella

Ques;- A parasitic alga is

Ans;- Chephaleuros

Ques:- Ascospores are

Ans:- Endogenous

Ques:- Strobili in Selaginella are

Ans:- Terminal

Ques:- Pyrenoid core consists of

Ans:- Protein

Ques:- Rhizome of fern has

Ans:- Dictyosteie

Ques:- Myrmecophily is pollination by

Ans:- Ants

Ques:- The synergids are connected to

Ans:- Egg Cell

Ques:- The generic name of mango is

Ans:- Mangifera

Ques:- The element needed for evaluation of oxygen in photosynthesis is

Ans:- Manganese

Ques:- Name of the hormone which control the production of sperms is

Ans:- Testosterone

Ques;- The anther contains

Ans:- Pollen grains

Ques:- What term is used if the pollen is transferred to the stigma of same flower ?

Ans:- Self-pollination

Ques:- In the stem of Asteroxylon the xylem is

Ans:- Starlike in structure

Ques:- Equisetum is commonly called as

Ans:- Hhorsetail

Ques:- The carinal canal in Equisetum are formed by the disintegration of

Ans:- protoxylem

Quers:- Sori bearing leaves are known as

Ans:- Sporophylls

Ques:- Dryopteris resembles Cycas in having

Ans:- Circinate vernations of leaves

Ques:- In Selaginella glosspodium is found in

Ans:- Ligule

Q ues:- The presence of a fungus is essential for the development of prothallus in

Ans:- Psilotum

Ques;- Stelar theory was proposed by

Ans:- Van Tieghem and Douliot

Ques:- Sporocarp of Marsilea is

Ans:- Bisporangiate hpexams.in

Ques:- Tapeworm lacks

Ans:- Digestive system

Ques:- Secondary host of taenia sodium is

Ans:- Pig

Ques:- Devil fish is common name of

Ans:- Octopus

Ques:- The major site ofprotein Digestion is

Ans:- Stomach

Ques:- Pouched mammals are


Ques:- Preen gland

Ans:- Secretes oil secretion for lubricating feathers

Ques:- The yellow colour of urine is due to

Ans:- Urochrome

Ques:- Healthy human does not excreate out in its urine


Ques:- Lattisimus dorsal muscle is the

Ans:- Leg muscle

Ques:- In Nissle’s granules of nerve cells are made of

Ans:- Protein

Ques:- Non essential amino acid are synthesized in human body during.

Ans:- Protein anabolism

Ques:- Pentose and hexose are the most common

Ans:- Monosaccharides

Ques:- Which acid is secreted by the stomach wall to active digestive enzymes ?

Ans:- Tartaric acid

Ques:- Among Amoeba, Earthworm, Hydra, Betle which one has a nervous system but no brain ?

Ans:- Hydra

Ques:- Virus which cause Hepatitis are transmitted through

Ans:- Water

Ques:- Which set of animals share a four chambered heart.

Ans:- Crocodiles, Birds, Mammals

Ques:- A harmone responsible for normal sleep-wake cycle is

Ans:- Melatonin

Ques:- Intervertebral disc is found in the vertebral column of

Ans:- Mammals

Ques:- Among Earthworm, Snail, Cockroach,Fish which one is not an intertebrate

Ans:- Fish

Ques:- Among Protozoa, Bacteria,Archaea,Ant which one is not an example of Unicellular organism ?

Ans:- Ant

Ques:- The defining characterstic of living organism is

Ans:- Response to external stimuli

Ans:- Amphibians do not have

Ans:- Scalaes

Ques:- An area in brain associated with strong emotions is

Ans:- Limbic system

Ques:- ……………..organism exhibits Regeneration.

Ans;- Planaria

Ques:- What is the term coined by Charles Drawin to explain the process of evolution ?

Ans:- Natural selection

Ques:- Red ants have

Ans;- Formic Acid

Ques;- Leech belongs to phylum…………………..

Ans:- Annelida

Ques:- Among lungs, liver,kidney,Adrenal gland which one is not an excretory organ ?

Ans;- Adrenal gland

Ques:- Embryonic membranes present in repties are

Ans:- Amnion, chorion, yolk sac and allantois

Ques;- Absorption of digested food in cockroach takes place in…………..

Ans:- Mesenteron

Ques:- Haemophilia is more common in males because it is a

Ans:- Recessive trait carried by X-chromosome

Ques:- Pupa can be seen in the life cycle of

Ans:- Housefly

Ques:- The defect in the gene responsible to the transport of chloride ions across the cell membrane causes

Ans:- Cancer

Ques:- Kidneys of birds are composed of

Ans:- Two lobes

Ques:- Physalia the portugese man of war belongs to

Ans:- Class Hydrozoa

Ques:- Peripatus is a connecting link between

Ans:- Annelida and Arthropoda

Ques:- Dragon files and damsel flies belongs to

Ans:- Order odonata

Ques:- Pisces and Amphibia are togather called

Ans;- Ichthyopsida or Anamniota

Ques:- Theory of Recapitulation or Biogenetic law was proposed by

Ans:- Haeckel

Ques:- An electron designated by quantum number n=4, 1=2,m=0 occupies.

Ans:- 4d-orbital

Ques:- The value of screening constant for an electron in Is-orbital screening another Is-electron is

Ans:- 0.30

Ques:- The ionization energy of hydrogen is 1312.0 kj/mol. Express the value in eV/atom

Ans:- 13.60 eV/atom

Ques;- The hybridization that can be used to account for the linear geometry of XeF2 molecule is

Ans:- Sp3 d

Ques:- The arrangement of CI Ions in CsCL structure is

Ans:- Simple cubic

Ques:- The boiling point of water is less than that of

Ans:- HF

Ques:- Which noble gas forms maximum number of compunds.

Ans:- Xenon

Ques:- The volume occupied by 0.25 mol of an ideal gas at S.T.P. IS

Ans:- 5.6/

Ques:- For the reaction H2O at 373 K and one atmospheric pressure

Ans:- H=T S

Ques:- The chromatographic technique used for the separation of organic compounds was discovered by

Ans:- Tswett

Ques:- The number of asymmetric carbon atoms in tartaric acid is

Ans;- Two

Ques:- Which of the following is not a nucleophile.

Ans:- BF3

Ques:- Anisole belongs to the class of

Ans:- Ethers

Ques:- Which chemical is used in desiccators in the laboratory ?

Ans:- CaCL2

Ques:- The chlorine atom in CIF3 molecule has…………hybridization.

Ans;- Sp3d

Ques:- The spontaneous change in specific rotation of solution of an optically active compound is called as

Ans:- Mutarotation

Ques:- The chief source of starch is

Ans:- Potato

Ques:- Which monomer i used to produce Nylon-6,6

Ans:- Adipic acid+hexamethylene diamine

Ques:- The molecular formula of camphor is

Ans:- C10H20O

Ques:- The name Seema Punia is associated with

Ans:- Discus throw

Ques:- …………….is popularly known as the Leather city of the world

Ans:- Kanpur

Ques:- Which group is associated with the Cardamom Hills.

Ans:- Tamil Nadu and Kerala

Ques:- Which people and communities, is associated with lgloos

Ans:- Eskimo

Ques:- Who introduced Mansabdari System to improve admins trative system of the Mughal Empire.

Ans:- Akbar

Ques:- Ramakrishna Mission was founded by

Ans:- Swami Vivekananda

Ques:- Buddha delivered his first sermin at…………………

Ans:- Sarnath

Ques:- Whose name is associated with great literary work Kamayani as its author

Ans:- Jai Shankar Prasad

Ques:- …………………..has been recently selected for the president of USA in the 2016 elections belongs to ……………..Party.

Ans:- Padma Sachdeva

Ques:- Donald Trump who is in a race to the post of President of USA in the 2016 elections belongs to……………….Party.

Ans:- Republican

Ques:- Brass is

Ans:- An alloy

Ques:- CaOCL2 is the name of

Ans:- Bleaching powder

Ques:- Which chemical processes represents slow combustion

Ans:- Rusting of Iron, Respiration

Ques:- When CNG or LPG undergoes complete combustion, the products formed are

Ans:- CO2 and H2O

Ques:- The process of converting sugars into alcohols is known as

Ans:- Fermentation

Ques:- Peeling of onions cause tears as onions release

Ans:- Sulfenic acid

Ques:- The most commonly used material for making transistors is

Ans:- Silicoin

Ques:- The common name of the chemical compound Cholecalciferol is

Ans:- Vitamin D

Ques:- The chemical used as a fixer in photography

Ans:- Sodium thisulphate

Ques:- Yellow cake is an item of smuggling across border is

Ans:- Uranium oxide

Ques:- Among Phosphorous trichloride, Mercuric oxide, Graphite, Nitroglycerine which one is used as an explosive

Ans:- Nitroglycerine

Ques:- In Vander Waals equation of state of the gas law, the constant b is a measure of

Ans:- Volume occupied by the molecules

Ques:- A person who walks on foot

Ans:- Pedestrain

Ques:- Her performance in the tournament was disappointing but she tried to put a brave face ………….it.

Ans;- on

Ques:- Despite repeated announcements, the passanger did not turn………………….

Ans:- Up

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