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1.According to Piaget, how many stage of child’s cognitive development-  Four

2. Who proposed ‘ Law of Learning – Thorndike

3. Who Developed the First intelligence test – Alfred Binet

4.G- Factor theory was developed by – Spearman

5. Who is the father of Psychology – William Wundt

  1. Which Concept is given by Vygotsky- Zone Of Proximal Development

7.Who is the Father of Educational Psychology – Edward Lee Thorndike

8. Who is the Father of American Psychology – William James

9. Who is the Father of Psychoanalysis – Sigmund Freud

10. Who is the Father of Behaviorism – J.B Watson

11. First adult intelligence test was developed by – Wechsler

12. ‘ Heredity ratio’ was development by – Jenson

13. Pavlov did experiments on – Dog

14. who gave the psychosexual concept – Eric Erickson

15. The First intelligence test was developed by – Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon

16. Who development the componential analysis approach to intelligence –Robert Sternberg

17. Father of Functionalism – William James

18. Who said psychology is the science of Studying soul – Aristotle, Plato, Dekarte

19. Who gave group factor theory – Thurston

20. Guilford’s theory of intelligence – Three-dimensional Theory

21. Who said Psychology is the science of mind – Pomponoji

22. Psychology is the science of – Consciousness

23. A gifted child – always has a very high I.Q

24. Swami Vivekananda is associated with- Man Making education

25. Who was a “ Pragmatist Philosopher – John Dewey

26.The author of the “ The Discovery of the child “ is – Maria Montessori

27. Psychology of individual difference given by whom- Galton

28. NCRT has a – Bureau of psychological testing

29. How many bones in infant – 270

30. What is the unit of heredity – Gene

31.What are schema – Organised packed of information stored in long-term memory

32. What did Piaget called his approach – Genetic epistemology

33.Drive theory is given by – C.Hull

34. SAT Stand for – Scholastic Aptitude Test

35. Traditional IQ test are – Convergent thinking

36. Looking glass self-theory is given by whom – C.H.Cooley 

  1. Heuristic method is given by – H.E Armstrong

38. Who developed the idea of General Intelligence (or G factor ) – Charles Spearman

39.Who propounded the theory of multiple intelligence (MI) – Howard Gardner

40. Whose name is associated with the book “ Hereditary Genius”- Francis Galton

41. I, Me theory and symbolic interaction theory is given by – G.H Mead

42. Who gave the theory of Multiple Intelligence –  Gardner

43. Looking glass self-theory is given by whom – C.H Cooley

44. Play – way method is given by – Henry Caldwell cook

45.The Rorschach Test is developed by the famous – Hermann Rorschach

46. Reading disability – Dyslexia

47. Oral learning disability is – Aphasia

48.Who used first time the word “learning disability” – Krick

49.The concept of “ Inferiority complex” was developed by – Adler

50. Kindergarten method is given by – Friedrich Froebel

51.Thorndike conducted his experiments on – Cats

52.Dalton method is given by – Helen Parkhurst

53.Thorndike studied – Incidental learning

54.Teaching method of Binetica – Carlton Washburn

55.Skinner’s box is used for – Incidental learning

56.The Law of effect was developed by – Thorndike

57.Project method is given by – W.H . Kilpatrick

58.Expectancy theory is a theory of – Motivation

59.The famous book “ Beyond Freedom and Dignity” is written by – Skinner

60. Play and Drama method is given by – Moreno

61.” John Dewey”, an educationist, belong to – Pragmatism

62.Psychoanalysis was founded by – Freud

63.Question answer method is given by – Socrates

64.“ The act of teaching or training” means – Educere

65.Who propounded the theory of psychoanalysis – Sigmund Freud

66.Who has founded behaviorism – Wundt

67. Lecture method is given by – Aristotle

68. What are Thorndike’s main law of learning – Law readiness, Law of exercise, Law of effect

69.Dialectic Method is given by – Plato

70. Nursery Method is given by – Maria Montessori

71.Theory related to sex is propounded by – Freud

72.Action theory is given by – Weber

73.Hunger, thirst & sex are – Physiological needs

74.Action research is given by – Kurt Lewin

75. IEDC stands for – Integrated Education for Disabled Children

76. Micro-Teaching is invented by – Dwight w. Allen

77.Psychology deal with human – Feeling

78.Psychology seeks to study all – Social activities

79.Experiential learning is given by – David Kolb

80.The book “ Growth of the Mind” is written by – koffka

81.Learning through experience is given by – Jhon Dewey

82. Three – dimensional theory of intelligence – Guilford

83.Concept of vicarious learning/ social learning theory – Albert Bandura

84. Sudden development in adolescence – Stanley Hall

85.Hierarchy of learning is given by – Gaga

86.Social development will help in – Social adjustment

87.Ability is transmitted in human by – Gene

88. Hierarchy of needs given by – Abraham Maslow

89. Psychology came from – Philosophy (Greek)

90.Both X an Y Chromosome are found in – Male Cells

91.Who First used the word mental age – Alfred Binet

92.Factor analysis was introduced by – Spearman

93.Who first found the formal of IQ – Lewis Terman

94. Who first coined the term IQ – William sterm

95.Positive, negative and Zero transfer of learning is given by – Edward Lee Thorndike

96.Who opened the first laboratory of Psychology and where ? – William Wundt

97. IQ of an average student – (90- 110)

98. Theory of Connectionism/S-R theory / Trial and Error theory – Thorndike

99.who invented the method of deductive reasoning – Aristotle

100.Who invented inductive method – Roger Bacon

101. Personality test by questionnair- woodworth

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